New Lies from the Church

See the church handout given to those at mass on 7/26/2013. It seems that the church is not even bothering to make their lies reasonably believable.

Fr Manny To Build Church Committee Handout 07/26/2013

In the second paragraph of this handout Fr. Manny says that the graves disturbed to allow this housing development were pauper graves and the church has “no parish records of any sales of burial plots.” While it is possible that the church lost or destroyed the records of the burial plots the idea that these are pauper graves is totally unbelievable. One of these family plots had a monument over four feet tall and a large stone barrier marking off the boundaries of the family plot.

This was clearly not a pauper grave. It was a substantial family burial plot that destroyed by the church in their rush to make money on a land sale.

Also most of the monuments were not “scattered upon a hill at the back of the property”. Most of them were arranged in well-marked family plots. The outlines of these family plots can be seen on this map.

Map of Bodies

What the church has done is disgusting. Hopefully some action will be taken to correct this despicable act.