The Church Refuses to Address the Issues – Bodies Still Buried

I was initially pleased to receive the letter from Msgr. Simas dated 8/2/2011. By refusing to deny the allegations in my letter Msgr. Simas in effect indicated that the points in my letter of July 19, 2011 should be addressed. This response made me think the Msgr. Simas is really unaware that a large number of bodies are still buried in the eastern part of the field. If Msgr. Simas is really unaware that Seelig is not telling the truth, it is possible that Msgr. Simas will learn the truth and either force Seelig to remove the bodies or get Seelig removed from his position and have a more honest person do the job.

I was not surprised when Mr. Seelig refused to address any of the issues raised in my letter of 7/19/11. Mr. Seelig made the decision not to remove all the bodies and to simply lie about the existence of bodies in the eastern part of the field. Because he has been caught in his lies, Mr. Seelig now has no alternative other than to continue telling lies about the existence the buried bodies in the east of the field.

My letter of August 27, 2011 makes it very clear that there are still serious questions that Mr. Seelig needs to answer. I really hope that Msgr. Simas pushes for these answers. The true answer is there are actually numerous bodies still buried in the field and Mr. Selig is not telling the truth.

I am aware the Msgr. Simas desperately wants funds from this development to pay for building a new church. I would like to think that a catholic priest would do what is right and have the bodies removed. I do not think that will happen. I am afraid that Msgr. Simas will support Mr. Seelig in his lies and continue to hide the existence of the bodies. We will see what response we get from our letter of August 27th.

Joseph T. Lonsdale, Sr.