Cemetery homes Planning meeting 7:00 PM Thursday 08/26/2010, 3300 Capitol Ave

The church removed 251 bodies from the back 35 meters of the field behind the cemetery. This is the 35 meters of the field furthest from the cemetery. They did not remove any bodies from the 125 meters closest to the actual cemetery. The inspection that they paid for found numerous sites with high probability of bodies in the 125 meters closest to the cemetery.

I expect that all of you have received the notice of the meeting Thursday August 26th. They probably hope most of us will be on vacation. They have filed a new plan. They are now trying for 16 homes. I will try to get a copy of that plan and forward it to everyone.

If we again have a good turnout I think we can get the planning commission to also vote down this plan.
The HARB board voted down the 17 home plan. I assume that they will have to approve this plan. I will talk to Cliff Nguyen about that.

I will be forwarding another message I will be sending to Cliff about removal of the bodies.

I know that there are many bodies in that area and they are not removing them to save money. I think that is disgusting.

I think we have a chance of stopping this is enough people show up.

The meeting is Thursday 8/26 at 7:00PM at 3300 Capitol Ave. You can call 510 490 4440 on Thursday to make certain that the meeting is still on. I will check early afternoon and Email everyone if it is called off.

Joe Lonsdale