Cemetery Homes, City Council Tuesday 09/28/2010, Web Site, Need your input and help

The ST. Joseph Surplus Land Subdivision is on the City council agenda for Tuesday September 28th. We were beaten badly at the planning review meeting, but I think we have a much better chance at the City Council.

These people stand for election and a good turnout against this project will be very important.

I have purchased the domain name fremontcemeteryhomes.com (not yet active) and I am about to start loading material onto the web site.

One of the first things that will go on the site is the letter from the church to the city explaining that they removed 251 bodies from the west section of the property.

I will also post that the map that shows where all the bodies were located by the electronic survey.

I am planning a two pronged approach to defeat this development.

1) Try to defeat it at the city council. To do this we need to contact the city council members before the meeting. We need to show up at the meeting. I have already contacted a writer from Argus (Matt Artz).

2) Convince the developers that the project will not be a success due to publicity about graves. I am determined to make certain that every potential purchaser of one of these homes is fully aware of the 251 bodies that were removed by the church. I also plan to make them aware of the possibility of many more bodies in the eastern part of the area that were not removed. If we lose at the city council this web site will stay up and will be used to warn potential purchasers of these homes.

I plan to write a brief statement about the phony meetings they held with us. They pretended to listen to us but they did not reply to any of our concerns. We mentioned owls, and ducks, we explained that this neighborhood had 14,000 SF lots, not 7,000SF lots. A letter from each of the neighbors would be very powerful. I will post them all on the web site. In the next message I will send my letter and ask for a letter form each of you.

Bet regards,

Joe Lonsdale