City Council meeting 10/12/2010, Video from NBC, New Lies from the Church

The City Council meeting will be Tuesday October 12, at 7:00PM at 3300 Capitol Avenue in Fremont. Please come and register your disgust at the plan to build homes over exhumed grave sites and over sites that still have bodies buried. If we get a good turnout we can probably beat this development.

I am not sure how many of you saw the report about our battling this development on NBC (Channel 7). You can watch this at

I thought Vic Lee did a great job. I felt that he was sympathetic to our cause. As a good reporter he had to get the other side of the story and he let them tell their side of the story. Both Seelig and Father Simas are on the report. They decided to tell new lies to cover their old lies. I was originally upset to hear their lies. I now realize that their new lies can be used against them.

One of the original lies was that the graves removed were pauper graves. The new lie is that they got permission from the families. At the planning commission meeting Robert Seelig used the term “Pauper area” to refer to the area where bodies were removed. I expect that this was done to cover the fact that the Church sold expensive view plots to families then removed the bodies without getting permission.
I told Vic Lee about the substantial grave stones in the area where the church removed bodies.

In the NBC report Father Manny Simas told Vic Lee that the Church got permission from the families for the removals. It saddens me to catch a priest in a lie. In the planning commission report (video of this is available at

But it is very long ~ 90 minutes) Robert Seelig said that they planned to remove 20 to 30 bodies. Since they actually removed 251 bodies we can be very certain that they did not obtain permission from all the families. Actually I doubt if they obtained permission from any families. How would you react if someone came to you and said that they wanted to dig up your ancestors’ bodies, remove them from their coffin and place them in a small box, and rebury them with 20 or 30 other boxes in a coffin type vault?

I expect that they will cover the lies by saying they placed advertisements allowing the families to object and never heard from them. While this may cover the legal requirements, this is not exactly getting permission from the families.

We really need a show of force on the 12th. It would be so much better to win at the City Council than lose. As I said in the interview with Vic Lee, I will continue fighting (take it to court and spend up to $75K if necessary) if this is approved, but I would rather put my time into my family (sons, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews) my chess team, my job, my tennis game, and my golf game.

Thank you for your support,

Joe Lonsdale