WestGate Lies

Ducks 2006

The submission by the developer WestGate Ventures (See page 14 WestGate, submitted to the city 3/22/2010) said that the site did not contain any watercourse. Actually around 2007, they illegally connected these wetlands to a drain on Bowers court and the pond and the ducks that had been there every winter were no longer there. Draining wetlands is not one of the major problems with this development.

However, these pictures, taken in 2006 by Joe Lonsdale, show two mallards on the proposed site for new homes.

Ducks 2006 B

Ducks 2006 C

Bodies they dug up and reburied

They actually dug up 251 bodies from the back 35 meters of the 150 meters (by 60 meters wide) field and relocated these remains to mass graves in the cemetery to the East.  Many of these bodies were in family plot with great views of the South Bay.  One had an impressive gravestone about six feet tall.  There is no doubt that this family paid the Catholic Church a significant fee to bury their relatives on this site.  They probably did not expect that the church would have their relative dug up and reburied in a mass unmarked grave to make way for new homes.  Digging up and relocating these bodies was a disgusting thing to do.

Bodies they did not dig up

The most disgusting part of this development is the bodies that they did not dig up.  There are probably hundreds of bodies still buried in the 115 meters of the field closest to the cemetery.  The church has lied about the existence of these bodies.  If we had not found the map that had been created by the company hired by the developers to locate the bodies, we would not know of the existence of all of the bodies in the eastern 115 meters of the field.  That map and an explanation of it can be found on this site.