New Lies from the Church


See the church handout given to those at mass on 7/26/2013. It seems that the church is not even bothering to make their lies reasonably believable.

Fr Manny To Build Church Committee Handout 07/26/2013

In the second paragraph of this handout Fr. Manny says that the graves disturbed to allow this housing development were pauper graves and the church has “no parish records of any sales of burial plots.” While it is possible that the church lost or destroyed the records of the burial plots the idea that these are pauper graves is totally unbelievable. One of these family plots had a monument over four feet tall and a large stone barrier marking off the boundaries of the family plot.

This was clearly not a pauper grave. It was a substantial family burial plot that destroyed by the church in their rush to make money on a land sale.

Also most of the monuments were not “scattered upon a hill at the back of the property”. Most of them were arranged in well-marked family plots. The outlines of these family plots can be seen on this map.

Map of Bodies

What the church has done is disgusting. Hopefully some action will be taken to correct this despicable act.


Further Proof that Bodies were not Removed


I believe that we have reached the point where we must conclude that the church failed to remove all of the bodies from the field. The letters from Father Simas have made a half-hearted effort to disguise the truth of the matter, but an impartial observer looking at both sides of the discussion would almost certainly agree that many bodies are left in the field. If you still think the position that all bodies have been removed is reasonable I will look at the points made by Father Simas, but the proof/arguments that have been made recently are very weak and in some cases demonstrably false. Continue reading »


The Church Refuses to Address the Issues – Bodies Still Buried


I was initially pleased to receive the letter from Msgr. Simas dated 8/2/2011. By refusing to deny the allegations in my letter Msgr. Simas in effect indicated that the points in my letter of July 19, 2011 should be addressed. This response made me think the Msgr. Simas is really unaware that a large number of bodies are still buried in the eastern part of the field. If Msgr. Simas is really unaware that Seelig is not telling the truth, it is possible that Msgr. Simas will learn the truth and either force Seelig to remove the bodies or get Seelig removed from his position and have a more honest person do the job. Continue reading »


Proof of Bodies not Moved


Note from the author Joseph Lonsdale Sr.

I was brought up as a Catholic and several members of my immediate family are still practicing Catholics. I have respect for the Catholic Church and believe that it does many good deeds, particularly its local schools. It really pains me to point out that the church is lying about something as important as buried bodies, which were entrusted to the church. While the Catholic Church has certainly done worse things than this development, I believe that the church should be honest in all its dealing and not lie about or mistreat buried bodies to make a few million dollars on a real estate development. Continue reading »


WestGate Lies


Ducks 2006

The submission by the developer WestGate Ventures (See page 14 WestGate, submitted to the city 3/22/2010) said that the site did not contain any watercourse. Actually around 2007, they illegally connected these wetlands to a drain on Bowers court and the pond and the ducks that had been there every winter were no longer there. Draining wetlands is not one of the major problems with this development. Continue reading »


Alert to Fremont home buyers and community members


St. Joseph Cemetery

The purpose of this site is to alert potential buyers of the new homes behind the old Saint Joseph Cemetery of the details of the development of the site.

  1. After selling expensive burial plots with beautiful views of the south bay to families in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Catholic Church dug up 251 bodies (in 2007) and moved them to make room for this development. In the vast majority of cases the Church did not notify the families. The proof is the letter the church sent to the developer WestGate Ventures explaining that they found and removed 251 bodies.
  2. A large number of buried bodies were left in the development. An electronic survey paid for by the developer shows the location of these bodies. The developers have lied about the existence of these bodies. This survey was created by the firm hired to locate the bodies. It takes some work to really understand this issue, but an impartial observer looking at all the data will agree that the evidence strongly suggests that numerous bodies are still buried in this development.
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Support Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald. Vote against Cemetery home development supporters Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan, Fremont City Council Election November 2, 2010


SVinnie Bacon, Kathy McDonald, City Council 2010

Today I received a robo call from one of the city unions supporting Bill Harrison. Of course the city employee unions are supporting Bill Harrison. He has been accused of supporting every development ever imagined. More development means more customers for his accounting business and more fees to pay the salaries of the employees that work for the city. Bill and Anu do not seem to care that our schools are overcrowded and traffic is a serious problem in many areas. Bacon and McDonald have promised not to take donations from developers. Continue reading »


We lost Vote against Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan. I think the strongest candidates running against them are Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald


I just left the city council meeting. They did not even bother pretending to be interested in the arguments of the neighbors. We were told when our four minutes were up and dismissed. Not one question was even asked of any neighbors. They fell all over each other congratulating Westgate Ventures for meeting with the neighbors. Continue reading »


City Council meeting 10/12/2010, Video from NBC, New Lies from the Church


The City Council meeting will be Tuesday October 12, at 7:00PM at 3300 Capitol Avenue in Fremont. Please come and register your disgust at the plan to build homes over exhumed grave sites and over sites that still have bodies buried. If we get a good turnout we can probably beat this development Continue reading »


Cemetery Homes, City Council Tuesday 09/28/2010, Web Site, Need your input and help


The ST. Joseph Surplus Land Subdivision is on the City council agenda for Tuesday September 28th. We were beaten badly at the planning review meeting, but I think we have a much better chance at the City Council.
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Cemetery homes Planning meeting 7:00 PM Thursday 08/26/2010, 3300 Capitol Ave


The church removed 251 bodies from the back 35 meters of the field behind the cemetery. This is the 35 meters of the field furthest from the cemetery. They did not remove any bodies from the 125 meters closest to the actual cemetery. The inspection that they paid for found numerous sites with high probability of bodies in the 125 meters closest to the cemetery.
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